”Something Borrowed”


“Hey,what do you think does it feel like to be in heaven?”.

“Hmmm,how does it feel like to be in heaven huh?They say in heaven,you’ll see a paradise where the angels dwell and where all beautiful things grow.Once,I heared the old ones saying that heaven has everything that you like and you can just take them without someone reprimanding you.They say that in heaven you can do anything that you want,you can play anytime,you can fly,it’s a place where gravity is nothing but a mere word.-


Day 1 -“Why is life so unfair,or you were just really unlucky?”.

-Nope,its just that it is what was destined to me.You know,in heaven the only thing you’ll always feel is happiness.But then,as usual,before you assume happiness,you have to suffer first.Like me.It doesn’t matter if youre the happiest person,or an unfortunate weeper,a powerful beast,or even a terrifying creature,we’re all equal in his eyes,we will all die.Because at the very end our last goal is death.

Day 2 -“Aren’t you afraid to die??”.

-Don’t fear death,fear a life unlived.Remember,we don’t have to live forever,we just have to live.So while you’re still breating,grab the chances to make you’re life meaningful,for there aren’t any limits,we just make them,People just invented limits,because they are too afraid to even try.

Day 3 -“Hey,what does it mean to love?What do you mean by love?”.

-Hmmm,love for me means myself,love yourself,love is the people who’s always there supporting and caring you.Love means never having to say you’re sorry.Love is like a dream,a dream where you doesn’t involved the word ‘giving up’.Do not give up,because that is what you do when your dreams are more important than your fears.Ignore the odds.

Day 4 -“Gosh!I fell on the floor,that feeling when you always fell but no one catches you.Hahaha,Just kidding,Why am I so clumsy??”.

-Hmm,you’re not clumsy you’re just really weak,Hahaha.Hey a just lil’ advice,Be strong as you can be.Because there’s a thing about people that even though how tough they are in your eyes,there’ll always be a point where you’ll see them as fragile as you can be.

Day 5 -“Hey do you still trust someone,even in that situation of yours??”

-Of course,Look above.I trust him and I trust myself.Sometimes,you have to trust in yourself.You’re the only one you can truly count on,regardless of where you are in life or who is in it for the time being.

Day 6 -“People think you’re weak,hey I pity your life”.

-It doesn’t matter what other people think of me.They think Im weak,but I knew myself,Im strong.All that matters is what you think of yourself.My life isn’t perfect but I am thankful for everything that I have.For everything that I accomplished.


Day 7 -As I entered his hospital room,no one was reading a book,nor sleeping in the bed,nothing was there except a note placed in the table right beside his bed.

-“Hey,I know as you read this letter,I am no longer here,I am no longer breathing,maybe by this time I am already enjoying the view of heaven,a paradise where I can see angels,a place where I can fly,where gravity is nothing but a mere word.We often just accept the things we like and complain a lot about the things that we don’t like.But if we could,like,intensely dwell on the really great things in life the way we intensely dwell on the negative things in life;that would be fantastic.Its amazing how God make my life meaningful.I thank Lord for everything.Even for my borrowed life.And by the way thanks for accompanying me these past few days, Nurse.


Your Patient





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