Hello guys! 💗

Enjoy your life out there niggas. Hahaha. Lol. Sighhhhh.

                  My name is Angel Jhanna Dela Cruz and I am 16 yrs. old. My birthday is on the 15th day of October. When I was a kid,I love to wear pajamas with floral designs (who cares tho?Hahahah). Another thing that I love is reading books (all genre,but i really prefer romance,hahaha),my favorite authors are Jojo Moyes,John Green and Nicholas Spark,my favorite book is Me before you and my favorite book series is Forever by Regan Ure. And ofc i love cosplaying. 🎭👗👑 I also love to watch tons of animes and kdramas.💻🖥🎀  I love cats. 🐱🐯 My favorite character in Vampire Diaries is Damon(coz he’s so hot af) ,I love Emilia Clarke’s role in Game of Thrones (she’s my queen slayer,i love her eyebrows too.) and also Im an avid fan of Maroon 5,I super adore Adam Levine,Imagine Dragons,Mayday Parade,Sleeping with the Sirens,5SOS and Paramore.🎤🎸🎻 My ambition is to be happy in every decision I made in life.I love sharing my thoughts to everyone.I love sharing my foods and money to those in need but not my books(lol.Hahahah.jk)😂😂😂

                  I want to say that “If you love someone,do not set him free”(coz why would you set someone free if u really love him,u’ll just end up getting sad and depressed,ya know)!💗
So that’s all for now hahaha.Lol.

                      Lovelots everyone.💗💗💗





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